What to Look for When Choosing Your New Kettle


When it comes to choosing a new kettle for your home, it pays to be aware of the different options available. Different kettles offer different features (less noise, greater water capacity), and while these devices aren’t too greatly varied in terms of what they can do you may find one particular model suits your home better than the others.


Although modern electric kettles aren’t as noisy as whistling kettles of yesteryear, most electric kettles do generate some noise when boiling. This is simply a by-product of boiling water; transferring heat to water forms bubbles of steam which collapse into one another as they rise, generating loud boiling noises.

However, there are specially designed quiet boil kettles that avoid noise generation through use of a special coating and diffuser ring to break up the bubbles. Kettles like the Russell Hobbs Quite Boil Kettle boil water 75% quieter than standard kettles, and are ideal for people who want to make an early cup of coffee without waking the whole house.


Modern kettles can be bought in a range of water capacity sizes, but most standard models come in sizes of 1.5, 1.6 or 1.7 litres. On average, a large cup of boiled water is around 250ml so a 1.5l kettle should be able to boil 6 cupfuls of water in one go. Larger kettles like the KitchenAid 1.7l Kettle are suitable for big families and are typically capable of boiling large quantities of water in a few seconds.


Another important aspect of purchasing a new kettle is finding one that suits the décor of your kitchen. For instance, matte kettles are particularly suited to traditional and rustic kitchens, while models like the sleek Russell Hobbs Illuminating Glass Kettle are the right choice for more modern homes.

When choosing a new kettle for your home remember to think about the noise it generates when boiling, the water capacity and if the kettle’s design suits your kitchen.

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