Facebook’s Building 8 Group: Developing Innovative New Technologies


As one of the biggest companies on the planet, it’s no surprise that Facebook is exploring new technologies other than the social networking which made the company so popular in the first place.

A number of these technologies, such as the Chatbot applications used in Facebook’s advertising and marketing services, are obvious choices for a company like Facebook.

Other technologies however, fall outside of Facebook’s traditional areas of operations but appear to indicate some of the company’s long-term goals.

A new article from Business Insider highlights some of the most exciting technologies currently being worked on by Building 8, a of group tech experts brought together by Facebook with the goal of developing new hardware prototypes ranging from consumer drones to brain-scanning tools.

What is Building 8 Building?

Facebook has been relatively quiet about the Building 8 group and their activities, but thanks to the article we now know about some of the projects the team is working on.

One of the group’s projects is focused on brain-scanning technology and its use in developing a prosthetic arm that can be controlled via the mind.

The project is led by Mark Chevillet, a former neuroscientist from Johns Hopkins University, and while it will be some time before we see such technology used in real world applications it’s not difficult to see how it could be adopted by other industries.

Similarly, another article from Business Insider about Building 8 notes how Facebook wants to develop ‘novel non-invasive neuroimaging technologies’, an area of science dedicated to scanning and understanding the human brain and its components.

Some of the other innovative technologies the Building 8 group is pursuing include what many believe will be a consumer drone and another project the company calls ‘disruptive ground up shopping experiences of Facebook consumer hardware’.

This suggests that the Building 8 group was put together to help Facebook lead the way in new areas of consumer and professional technology, and it will be interesting to see how many of these projects make it past the testing stage and into the real world.

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