Google May Release Three Pixel Devices in 2017


Google has already confirmed two Google Pixel smartphones will be released this year, but a new report from Droid Life suggests that we may in fact see three new Pixel handsets in 2017.

While we knew that the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL, a larger version of the Pixel device featuring a bigger display screen, would be available to purchase this year, the report is the first indication of a third Google manufactured device, one which some analysts are dubbing the ‘Pixel XXL’.

The news of another Pixel device came following recent reports of Google’s fishy codenames for the Pixel (Walleye) and Pixel XL (Muskie).

Droid Life last week confirmed ‘via multiple sources’ the existence of a third Pixel device codenamed ‘Taimen’, which Droid Life believes will be a phablet sized device due to the size of the fish used for codenames; the Walleye fish is smaller than the Muskie fish, which is smaller than the Taimen fish.

Indeed, whereas the Pixel and Pixel XL are expected to come in sizes of 5-inch and 5.5-inch respectively, the Pixel XXL is thought to be somewhere around the 6-inch mark.

As Droid Life points out, if the sizing of Google’s latest trio of Pixel devices is correct then this would imply that Google have adopted a similar strategy to Apple in regards to 2017 releases.

Apple is rumoured to be releasing three new iPhones during the year including a 4.7-inch, a 5.5-inch and a 5.8-inch model.

While Google’s line of Pixel smartphones have proven popular among reviewers and consumers alike, they’re yet to have the same kind of impact we see from Apple, Samsung or any of the major smartphone competitors.

However, a new release strategy offering three differently sized smartphones in 2017 could be the answer to Google’s problems and help the company to gain a bigger portion of the smartphone market.

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