Can You Survive Without the Internet?


If you start to feel pangs after a few hours away from the net, you’re not alone. A new survey suggests that many people feel lost when they can’t get their information super highway fix.

The data comes from a worldwide survey by Tata Communications, but the most telling results came from India. In that country, more than 14 percent of those surveyed said they regularly spend 12 hours a day or more online.

That’s 3 times the level in the UK and it also manifests in a more intense way. 82 percent of those surveyed who were from India said they regularly suffered from a fear of losing out when they weren’t online.

The connected nature of the world means its more difficult than ever to unplug, meaning some of the respondents admitted to feeling ‘lost’ when they weren’t able to get online.

The ubiquity of connected devices across computers, mobiles, tablets and more, means we have access to a world of education, communication and information. But its important to remember there’s a world outside your touchscreen display!

In Short: The internet is an amazing resource but new research suggests that some people start to feel very anxious when they can’t get online!

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