Smartphone Cameras vs Digital Cameras


Smartphone cameras are no longer the low-quality devices they once were. Thanks to recent advances in technology, smartphone cameras are now starting to offer notably better image quality than that of predecessors. While there are still a number of benefits you’ll find in digital cameras only, you may find one type of camera more relevant to your needs depending on what you want to photograph.

Smartphone Camera Advantages

Probably the biggest advantage smartphone cameras offer over digital cameras is portability and convenience. Smartphones are, for the most part, far easier to keep on your person than digital cameras due to their limited size. These devices are designed to be kept with you at all times, providing access to a camera wherever you go.

You can take, edit and share pictures on your smartphone, whereas you’ll likely need access to a computer to do the same with a digital camera. Indeed, the ability to upload and share images almost instantaneously is one of the biggest drawing points of smartphone cameras and the reason why so many people choose these devices for shooting pictures.

Digital Camera Advantages

The biggest advantage of using a digital camera to take pictures is, of course, image quality. Put simply, smartphone cameras cannot provide the same level of definition as digital cameras. This is due to limits of technology: smartphone cameras are not big enough to capture the same level of detail as digital cameras, and are nowhere near as versatile.

Smartphone cameras are fine for shooting static subjects but digital cameras can be used to shoot a wide variety of subjects and styles i.e. nature, events, sports and travel, through use of different camera lenses.

Smartphone cameras are perfect for people who like to take and share lots of pictures online, while digital cameras are more suited to people who want to develop their photography skills.

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