How to Conserve Water With Energy Efficient Home Appliances

Be prepared

Water Charges are on their way and there’s nothing any of us can do about it. Besides being more careful with our water consumption, of course. It can be difficult, limiting the amount of water you use on a daily basis, especially considering how integral it is for cooking, cleaning, washing etc.

However there are some tricks that could save you cash on water charges in the near future.

There’re a few basic steps you can take to make your home a bit more water conscious – adding sprayers to your taps and fitting wide dispersal shower heads can make a difference. Not when you need a volume of water, but when you need to merely dampen a wider area they can save you litres at a time.

We can’t praise Dishwashers enough! Compared to hand washing dishes, they’re much more environmentally friendly. In fact, it would take 103 litres of water to hand wash a load a normal dishwasher could manage with only 12. Not only are they good for the environment, Dishwashers save you precious time. A family of four can save a whopping 300 hours a year by using a dishwasher!

Obviously, running a dishwasher is going to consume water and cost you money in electricity bills. But they needn’t set you back all that much. A+++ energy rated models like the Siemens Timelight Dishwasher boast features like its HydroDry function which makes efficient, hygienic use of your water to dry off those dishes. It’s also got six wash settings, notably a potent Quick-Wash.

Maintaining your clothing can’t be done without water in one form or another. Even the PerfectCare Pure Stream Generator Iron boasts a 1.5 litre water tank. However with a decent degree of energy efficiency, anti-scale cartridges and a 5 Bar Steam Pressure system, it’ll put that water to good, efficient, money saving use.

Finally, your washing machine. This is one of the biggest water guzzlers in the whole household. No matter what you do, this appliance is going to make a dent in those water charges. But the damage can be limited by investing in an economical model like the Samsung 7kg ecoBubble. This tech froths detergent with both air and water before the wash cycle begins, allowing for a deeper clean. Thus a shorter wash can be employed. Additionally, the ecoBubble works similarly well on hot or cold washes, saving you cash if you opt for the former.

While these tips won’t offset the annoyance of incoming Water Charges, they might help in taking the initial sting out of them, and save you some cash in the meantime!

In Short: With Water Charges in Ireland inbound, we have some simple money and energy saving tips that should make their implementation less stressful

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