Xbox One and Project Scorpio to Support Mixed Reality Headsets in 2018


Microsoft will bring its Windows Mixed Reality headsets to the Xbox One and Project Scorpio consoles in 2018, as revealed by Microsoft during the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco last week.

Originally known as Windows Holographic, Windows Mixed Reality utilises mixed reality technology to provide users with a unique experience similar in form to virtual reality but with a notable difference.

While virtual reality technology creates completely digital environments for users to explore, mixed reality technology instead adds layers of digital enhancements to the user’s real life surroundings.

The below video does a good job of explaining the basics of mixed reality technology:

In addition to the Xbox One and the upcoming Project Scorpio console, a 4K ready version of the Xbox One, Microsoft revealed that manufacturers of Windows 10 PCs including Acer, HP and Lenovo are developing their own Windows Mixed Reality headsets.

Indeed, Microsoft introduced the Acer Mixed Reality Developer Edition headset during the Game Developers Conference and provided information about the device’s features and functions.

Acer’s mixed reality headset comes with a pair of built-in cameras that permit ‘inside-out’ tracking; the ability to track the user’s movements without using the external sensors required by most current VR and MR headsets.

It’s assumed that Microsoft’s mixed reality headsets for the Xbox One and Project Scorpio will be used for both virtual reality and mixed reality applications, ranging from videos games to video content, educational purposes and beyond.

The headsets are likely to generate considerable profit for Microsoft; Sony recently revealed it sold more than 915,000 PSVR headsets in the four months since the device’s mid-October debut.

Microsoft will reveal more information about its Mixed Reality technology during its Build Developer Conference in May.

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