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In today’s entry of our Photographer Know-how series we’re going to discuss some of the most commonly used camera accessories and their benefits. Visit part 4 for a camera lens roundup, part 3 for a guide to image sensors, part 2 for info on pixels and part 1 for an overview of the different types of digital camera.


A sturdy camera bag keeps your camera safe and secure when on the move. There’s a wide range of camera bag styles to choose from, but you should choose one that provides your camera with decent protection against knocks and drops. The LowePro Adventura SH 140 Shoulder Bag features a durable and custom-molded base which offers notable protection against moisture, debris and impact.


A flash enables photographers to take shots in low light conditions and is a vital component of any good camera setup. Depending on where and when you take pictures (at night, indoors etc.), one particular type of flash may be more suited to your style of photography than others. The Canon Speedlite 270EX II is an easy-to-use compact flashgun that comes with handy features such as Remote Shooting for different lighting positions and a bounce head for soft and shadowless lighting.


Tripods are another important camera accessory and are used in a wide variety of shots including night time shots, close up shots, action shots and nature photography. Tripods assist in achieving a clear focus, and lightweight yet robust tripods like the Manfrotto PIXI EVO Mini Tripod can be easily transported and set up in seconds so you’ll never miss that perfect shot.

While not essential for taking shots, camera accessories can greatly improve the quality of your pictures. Accessories like camera flashes and tripods ensure smooth and well-lit photographs, while camera bags keep your equipment safe and secure.

Remember to check back next week, as we’ll be taking a look digital camera memory card formats and usage.

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