Mobile World Congress is Here!


Smartphone fans will be happy to know that this year’s Mobile World Congress has gotten off to an impressive start, with a number of the world’s top smartphone manufacturers using the event to launch upcoming devices. From Sony to Nokia, we’ve got a roundup of the most exciting launches taking place today!

The Nokia 3310 Returns

A relaunch of the beloved Nokia 3310 has been rumoured for some time, so it was great to finally see the revamped 3310’s updated design. Featuring a similar but slightly more modern housing, the new Nokia 3310 comes with a 2.4-inch colour screen plus a rear camera, and classic additions such as mobile game Snake. The Nokia 3310 has 22 hours of talk time, and will be priced at €49 when it launches later this year.


Sony Unveils Xperia XZ Premium

Sony unveiled its new flagship smartphone, the Xperia XZ Premium, today at MWC 2017. The new device features the world’s first 4K HDR display on a 5.5-inch screen, and Sony’s advanced Motion Eye camera system, another first for the world. The Motion Eye camera system permits 960fps super slow motion video capture and playback, which really opens up a whole new world of possibilities in regards to creating content on your smartphone. The Xperia XZ Premium will launch late Spring 2017.


ZTE Launches 5G Smartphone

Also launching at this year’s Mobile World Congress is the ZTE Gigabit Phone, the world’s first 5G-enabled smartphone. The device has download speeds of up to 1 gigabit per second, which is 10 times faster than what’s currently possible with 4G-enabled smartphones. The ZTE Gigabit Phone will also come with 360-degree panoramic Virtual Reality video recording, but unfortunately will not be available for public release until 2020.

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This year’s Mobile World Congress has once again turned out to be the most important event in the smartphone calendar, and we can only guess as to what other amazing devices we’ll see during the week-long conference.

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