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The Samsung 9kg AddWash Washing Machine is an energy efficient washing machine designed to maximise washing loads at minimum energy outputs.

To achieve this, the Samsung 9kg AddWash Washing Machine utilises Samsung’s ecobubble™ technology, which uses a unique bubble generator to dissolve and activate washing detergent so it can quickly and effectively wash clothing in cool water as low as 15°C and in warm water through use of the Super Eco Wash cycle.

The Samsung 9kg AddWash Washing Machine’s AddWash feature allows you to simply add extra clothing to any wash that has already started, and you can also add hand-washed clothing you need rinsed or spin dried.

Similarly, the washing machine’s Smart Control provides you with the ability to remotely control and monitor the machine via Samsung’s AddWash app, enabling owners to start or pause a wash and review cycle selections and the remaining time left in a spin from anywhere with a WiFi connection. You can also set up alerts to let you know when a cycle is complete.

Another notable feature of the Samsung 9kg AddWash Washing Machine is the Super Speed Wash, which uses a twin water supply to speed up filling and shorten rinsing times thanks to the Speed Spray’s powerful jets of water. Super Speed Wash can complete a 5kg wash load in just 59 minutes.

The Samsung 9kg AddWash Washing Machine comes with an A+++ energy rating, the highest possible, which results in lower energy bills for you. With a 9kg capacity, this is one of the larger models available on the market and perfect for medium to large sized families.

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