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Following on from Monday’s blog about the highly impressive Everest VR (which allows users to climb Mount Everest via virtual reality), we have news about another exciting VR experience that transports you through time so you can explore Ancient Rome.

Visitors to Rome’s historic Domus Aurea, Emperor Nero’s ‘Golden House’, can now use virtual reality headsets to see how the site looked during its heyday 2,000 years ago thanks to architect and graphic designer Raffaele Carlani and his team at KatatexiLux.

Carlani and his team of digital artists used depictions of the Domus Aurea found in the work of artists from the Renaissance era as inspiration for their stunning VR depictions of the Domus Aurea and its relics.

The Renaissance era artists themselves used the Domus Aurea’s frescos as inspiration for their own art, which in turn provided Carlani’s team with the information they needed to create an accurate portrayal of how the palace looked in its prime.

The Domus Aurea was once a massive palace renowned for its splendour and magnificence. However, over the past two millennia the palace sunk into the ground and it is now part of the ancient underground ruins of Rome.

But now thanks to the team’s diligence in recreating this wondrous site and the advance of virtual reality technology, people who visit the Domus Aurea can see it as it was 2,000 years ago.

This is not the first historic site in Italy to use technology as a means to improve visitor experience; several sites including the forums of Augusts and Caesar utilise light shows and lasers projected on the ruins to give tourists a better understanding of Rome’s rich history and its architectural accomplishments.

Virtual reality is providing us with the opportunity to do the impossible and visit places and eras that are otherwise beyond our reach. Who knows where and when it will take us to next.

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