Facebook Introduces New Job Search Feature


Facebook has begun rolling out a new feature that aims to take some of LinkedIn’s business: Facebook Jobs.

Facebook Jobs is a new search feature that allows businesses with a Facebook page to post job openings on their page in the same manner they would post a status update.

Posting a job opening on a Facebook page will also add the opening to Facebook’s new Jobs section, which can be found in the Explore section in the left hand side column on users’ homepages.

Users can apply for any job opening they see by clicking an ‘apply now’ button, which brings the user to a pre-populated page containing any personal information (name, education, employment history etc.) the user has made public on the social network.

Users can make changes to the personal information found in the pre-populated page and add a cover letter via a 1,000-character text box.

Clicking ‘send’ on the pre-populated page sends the business in question a Facebook message containing the information the user has provided.

The new Jobs feature does not affect privacy settings; employers will be able to see only the information the user has made public on their profile.

In a recent article from Tech Crunch, Facebook’s Vice-President of Ads and Business Platform Andrew Bosworth said the inspiration behind the new feature came from the desire to improve Facebook’s use in everyday life, and as a means to help small businesses find staff.

The small business angle may end up really benefiting Facebook, as LinkedIn tends to cater towards medium- and high-skilled positions.

Similarly, Bosworth noted how ‘Two-thirds of job seekers are already employed. They’re not spending their days and nights out there canvassing for jobs. They’re open to a job if a job comes along.’

Facebook users can search and apply for jobs directly through Facebook’s mobile and website apps.

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