Finding the Right Washing Machine for You


A washing machine is a vital component of any home. Some washing machines are more suited to certain households than others, so it’s a good idea to familiarise yourself with the different load capacities, energy ratings and spin speeds available when looking to purchase a new model.

Load Capacities

 A washing machine’s load capacity refers to how much clothing it can clean in one wash cycle. The bigger the washing machine drum, the more clothes you can wash with 1kg roughly equalling to one outfit consisting of a top, a pair of trousers, underwear and socks. A medium sized washing machine has a load capacity of between 6 to 7kg, and units like the Whirlpool 7kg Washing Machine are suitable for families of four.

Large load capacity washing machines like the Zanussi 10kg Washing Machine are capable of handling even the heaviest of loads and are ideal for big families with lots of weekly washing. Have a think about how much washing you do every week and this will help you choose the right load capacity for you.

Spin Speeds

 Most washing machines available today have a spin speed of between 1000rpm to 1600rpm, with rpm referring to how many times the drum rotates in a minute. The main advantage of faster spin speeds is your clothes take less time to dry when taken out of the washing machine. However, delicate clothing requires lower spin speeds as this helps to reduce creasing. Units like the Miele 8kg A+++ Washing Machine feature spin speeds of 1600rpm in addition to low speed settings for delicate clothing.

Energy Ratings

A washing machine’s energy rating determines how much energy the unit uses and is based on its required power for a maximum load cotton cycle at 60 °C. The rating runs from A-G, with the most energy efficient models receiving a rating of A+++.

It’s advisable to consider a washing machine’s load capacity, spin speeds and energy rating when shopping for a new model, and if your requirements will be met in each of these areas.

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