Facebook launches new Recommendations tool

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Facebook has launched a new tool to help the social network’s users ask for and receive advice from friends on a wide variety of topics such as discovering new places, services, events and more.

The new tool, known as Facebook Recommendations, allows users to post statuses asking for advice like ‘Where can I find a Mexican restaurant’, with Facebook automatically analysing the words used in the post to trigger recommendations.

Once posted, friends can reply and add their own recommendations for any businesses, services, restaurants, events, accommodations or venues with a Facebook page.

Facebook automatically links to any tagged pages with recommendations saved as a list, and users can purchase items from recommended businesses directly through Facebook.

Recommendations are also saved in an easy-to-use dynamic map that appears in the post and provides the locations of all recommendations, with the map growing every time someone posts a recommendation with a Facebook recognised address.

The maps are visible to user’s friends, depending on the user’s privacy settings, and will remain until the user deletes them.

Users can create Facebook pages for any businesses they recommend that have no page, and users can add ‘behaviours’ such as ‘looking’ for something to their status.

In a blog post the company said:

“Whether travelling to a new place, looking for a hair salon, or searching for the perfect place to eat, people already turn to their friends, family, and local Groups on Facebook for advice. We’re rolling out a new tool that makes it easier to get and organise all those recommendations in one place.”

In addition to Recommendations, Facebook has launched several other new features including tools for ordering food directly from restaurants, booking appointments with local businesses, getting business quotes and purchasing film and event tickets.

To start using Facebook Recommendations simply click the dropdown menu found to the left of the Post button on status updates, select More Options and then Custom.

Facebook Recommendations was originally launched in the US back in October and is available now for both the Facebook mobile app and as a Recommendations bookmark on the desktop version.

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