Oculus Rooms: Facebook’s impressive virtual reality social network


Oculus Rooms, Facebook’s new virtual reality social network for the Samsung Gear VR and Oculus Rift, is quite an impressive thing to behold.

Designed specifically to be a social space for friends in virtual reality, Oculus Rooms allows users to hang out and engage in social activities in a private virtual space, in this case their very own virtual reality apartment complete with widescreen TV, fireplace and plenty of art.

Your virtual apartment floats through the sky from where you can see other floating apartments plus mountains and clouds in the distant.

Users are able to choose from one of four options; the Group App Launcher, the TV area, the Chat Area and the Games Table.

As the name implies, you can choose VR apps from the Group Applications Launcher, while the TV Area allows you to watch a whole host of video content on a virtual cinema screen, including Facebook videos from your friends.

The TV will continue playing your chosen content even if you move to another part of your virtual apartment.

To the left of the application launcher is the Chat Area, where users can chat via virtual avatars that mimic the users’ head and mouth movements and body gestures for a genuine interaction.

The Games Table currently features just three easy-to-play games, but more games will be added as users become more familiar with Oculus Rooms and how it works.

A true visual treat, the virtual apartment really conveys an immersive experience many VR fans have been wishing for. It’s not hard to see what Facebook has envisioned for the future for virtual reality, and if they keep up the good work it’s likely many of us will be signing up for our very own VR apartment.

Oculus Rooms is currently available for Samsung Gear VR users and will be available for Oculus Rift owners later in 2017.

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