Bot Battle – Samsung Powerbot VR9000 vs Dyson 360 Eye


It’s been a big week in the world of Tech. IFA came to a close in Berlin, Apple unveiled the details of the iPhone 6 and a little game called Destiny sold a staggering 500 million copies in its opening day. But amidst all this, an epic battle raged. The war of the machines.

On the one side, the design might of Dyson – proudly heralding its arrival onto the robot vacuum scene with the Dyson 360 Eye. On the other, the might of Samsung was thrown behind the debut of the Powerbot VR9000. Two may enter but only one can leave this ferocious robot Thunderdome…

Dyson 360 EyeThat name comes from its most prominent feature, a large 360 degree view sensor mounted on the top. Dyson claims this ‘eye’ is capable of sophisticated imaging which means the bot will be able to accurately map the room for obstacles. It also constantly maps the room, keeping track of where it’s cleaned and where it has yet to tread.

With a better sense of its surroundings, the Eye’s innards can get to work. Mainly, that means the powerful cyclone suction generated at its heart which is strong enough to pluck pollen out of the carpet. A new digital motor is small and mighty, making the Eye the most powerful robot vacuum in the Japanese market.

This bot also sports tank-like tire treads so it never goes off course and handles lips and minor drops in its stride. And it guarantees a comprehensive clean with a full width brush bar that won’t miss a spot of dust. Best of all, you can literally tell your robot butler to clean things from your smartphone and also check whether he’s missed a spot!

Samsung Powerbot VR9000It may be cutting edge technology but the Powerbot VR9000 bases itself around an old-school principal – sweeping like a broom. And that’s aided by suction power that’s up to 60 times more powerful than other robot vacuums and splits fine dust and dirt before collecting it.

The new FullView Sensor is Samsung’s most sophisticated yet and gives the bot unparralled navigation skills. Extra sensos on the boy means it can get through the tightest gap and will even clean around chair legs. There’s some extra help there in the form of the Easy Pass wheels, which provide tight turns.

And one of our favourite features is the wonderful point and clean mechanism. Just take the included remote control and point it a spot that you think could use some extra cleaning. The Powerbot will follow the light, so you can also make it do a merry dance or even terrorise your household pets with their new robot overlord.

The robots are coming. Is your home ready?

The Dyson 360 Eye is coming to the Japanese market in early 2015 and the rest of the world later that year. There’s no release date for the Samsung Powerbot VR9000 yet but you can see the full range of vacuum cleaners at Hasrvey Norman here.

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In Short: The time of the robot vacuum cleaners is here, as an epic battle is joined between two legendary warriors for the future of your floors…

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