Four Free Photo Editing Apps for 2017


Looking for some great free photo editing apps for 2017? Well look no further as we’ve complied a handy list of the very best free photo apps you can download right now!

  1. Snapseed (Android, iOS)

Snapseed is an all-purpose photo editor and one of the most popular photo editing apps available for Android and iOS users. This simple-to-use photo editing app offers access to a wide variety of photo processing features including sharpening, exposure and cropping, photo editing techniques including selective adjustments, and creative filters such as a black and white converter and blur effects. Snapseed is a great smartphone editing app for people new to smartphone photography.

  1. Adobe Photoshop Fix (Android, iOS)

Originally available on iOS only, Adobe Photoshop Fix is the perfect photo editing app for those looking to step up their smartphone photography game. The app includes basic tools such as cropping, adjustments, contrast and saturation in addition to a range of photo enhancement tools for improving portraits. These include retouch and restore tools that allow you to liquefy, smooth and lighten and darken images.

  1. Prisma (Android, iOS)

One of the most popular photo editing apps of 2016, Prisma is a fun editor that allows you to turn your pictures into works of art. You simply select a photo you want to edit then pick a target art style (i.e. The Scream by Edvard Munch) and the app merges the two images together. The app also features a location-based feed so you can share your artworks with the whole world.

  1. VSCO (Android, iOS)

VSCO is another extremely popular photo editing app that also acts as a camera app and photo sharing platform. However, it’s VSCO’s large selection of filters and presets that have made the app so popular. Every filter can be adjusted to suit the look you’re going for, and there are more than 100 presets available.

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