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Harvey Norman Ireland jetted out to IFA 2014 to get to grips with the latest consumer technology at the massive show. And while they saw a huge amount of cutting edge tech which will be coming to you in the next 12 months, these are the products which really stood out from the crowd.

LG G Watch RThe age of the wearables is upon us, with even Apple getting in on the action with the recent announcement of the Apple Watch.

But the LG G Watch R has a strong pedigree, with LG already getting some practise in with the G Watch earlier in the year and the power of Google (via Android Wear) on board. It’s also one of the few smartwatches to include a round screen (alongside the Moto 360) and has another thing going for it – it looks incredibly cool!

The sturdy bezel means it’s the most ‘watch-like’ smartwatch yet and it has a perfectly circular screen, unlike the 360. The 1.3 inch OLED is brilliantly bright and everything you need in to access from your wrist is available at a swipe. And the 410mAh battery is the largest in a smartwatch yet! Coming soon to Harvey Norman stores.

Samsung WaterWall DishwasherDishwashers have been around for decades, and they haven’t changed much in all that time. Until now.

Samsung has revolutioniased dishwasher technology by creating the WaterWall. Rather than a circular spray of water inside your dishwasher, this innovative new technique pushes out high pressure jets in straight lines which are reflected straight up into the machine by a parallel moving bar.

The effect is to fill every last inch of the washer with water, firing vertically and filling the entire area completely. It’s guaranteed to give your dishes and utensils a better clean and the Chef Collection Dishwasher also comes with a host of other time saving options.

LG and Samsung Debut Bendable TVsFirst it was flat panel TV’s, LCD, LED’s, 3D televisions, OLED’s and Curved Screens but the latest innovation in home viewing is the Bendable screen.

Both Samsung and LG showed off Bendable TV’s at IFA 2014 and the technology is amazing – essentially the glass of televisions is now so thin that it can be bent at will. The advantage of this advance is that gives users the choice between a curved or flat screen.

So you can get the incredible viewing angles of a curved television set, which is also useful while watching 3D content, or a flat TV which could be better for group viewing. Either way, there’s something incredibly cool about being able to press a button to see your TV transform before your eyes!

Nest Smart ThermostatNest is a product you may not know about but you’ll instantly want once we reveal what it does.

It’s a smart thermostat which you can install in your home in minutes and which starts learning your routines from the first moment. After a couple of days it will know you like the heating on a few minutes before you get out of bed and if you leave it on, Nest will know the house is empty and turn it off.

More than that, you can access Nest from anywhere via your smartphone, to give the heating a boost while you trudge home in the rain to a toasty house. It tracks your life and precise control over time and temperature means real savings so the device can literally pay for itself over just a few months use.

That’s just a sample of the amazing tech which was on show at IFA 2014 and most will be available at a Harvey Norman store near you in the coming months.

Click here for more from Harvey Norman at IFA 2014.

In Short: We’ve distilled down the best of IFA 2014 into one handy article, taking in TVs, wearables and a way to control your home’s temperature from afar!

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