Sony Wireless Speakers GTK-XB7 and GTK-XB5 Review


Christmas has come and gone for another year, but just because the party season is over doesn’t mean the fun has to stop.

If you’re looking for a serious speaker system designed to deliver club-like audio for the perfect party, then you’ll want to check out the Sony Wireless Speakers GTK-XB7 and GTK-XB5.

These two innovative speakers include a whole range of impressive features and offer music lovers the chance to turn their home into their very own private nightclub, complete with strobe light. Take a look at the video below to see what we mean.


The GTK-XB7 and the GTK-XB5 are one-box systems with carry handles and a lightweight design for easy transportation. Both speaker systems feature a built-in sensor that activates the top two tweeters automatically, allowing for stereo sound when the speaker is upright or horizontal.

It’s pretty easy connecting with the speakers and you can stream your entire digital music library with the touch of a button thanks to easy Bluetooth connectivity with NFC One-touch.

The GTK-XB7 also features SongPal, allowing users to stream and control the music straight from their smartphone.

The GTK-XB7 and the GTK-XB5 are designed specifically to provide that club-like audio quality, hence the inclusion of the EXTRA BASS button for a deep and punchy bass. This is a serious meaty low-end that will send shockwaves right through the room!

Both speakers feature line and speaker lights which flash in sync to the beat for some serious club vibes, and you can synchronise with other systems with Party Chain Connect. Additionally, the GTK-XB7 comes with DJ sound effects to really get the party started.

All-in-all the Sony Wireless Speakers GTK-XB7 and GTK-XB5 are two of the most impressive home speakers we’ve heard here at Harvey Norman. Both speakers provide high-quality club-like audio and a number of nice features such as the Bluetooth connectivity and the strobe lights. Two great additions to any house party.

Both the Sony Wireless Speakers GTK-XB7 and the GTK-XB5 are available to purchase in-store or online. 

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