Everything You Need To Know About The Apple Press Conference


Basically, Apple Announced two new iPhones and a Smartwatch.

That’s it in a nutshell, but let’s dig around for some specifics. Firstly, the iPhones…

As predicted the iPhone 6 was revealed. And it’s a big one. It’s got a larger screen, clocking in at 4.7 inches but it’s also thinner than ever before. It’s got a brand new HD Retina Display. The latter comes with full sRGB colour, which equates to higher contrast, wonderful brightness, awesome white balance and, expectedly, a wider colour pallet. It features smooth, rounded edges, harking back to its original design if not matching market trends. Oh and lastly, there is a Zoom View which increases the size of the icons on your Home Screen. It’s a little feature, but also a handy one.

The second iPhone announced was the iPhone 6 Plus, and they weren’t messing around here. If the iPhone 6 was ‘a big one’, then the iPhone 6 Plus is nothing short of ‘a monster’. Basically, this is Apple’s first phablet. With a 5.5 inch 1080p Retina Display, the iPhone 6 Plus marks a significant departure from Apple’s usual MO. This is every bit the phablet, with a dedicated Landscape Mode as well as a specialized One Handed Mode, which allows users to summon higher up icons to within thumbs reach with just a double tap. The iPhone 6 Plus is similarly monstrous on the inside. With an A8 chip CPU, an M8 motion coprocessor and 64-bit architecture, its 50% more efficient in terms of power!

Finally, the Apple Watch. Pointedly, NOT the iWatch. Coming early 2015, this is new CEO Tim Cook’s baby, and perhaps he hopes it will distinguish itself by dropping Apple’s typical ‘i’ prefix. Billed as Apple’s most personal device yet, this is the company’s first product ever designed to be worn. Like, out in public! Though the Apple Watch’s soft square black face remains consistent, a host of straps and casings are available to accessorize with.

The custom built Watch OS is navigated by the side mounted digital crown, which scrolls and zooms through options like messagers, activity apps, calendars and, somewhat predictably, telling the time. By using the crown as opposed to the suspected touchscreen, you won’t need to obscure and smear the Apple Watch’s face with your fingers. Once again, this is a minor design decision that makes a huge difference.

September 9th 2014 was a big day for Apple. On the one hand they showed themselves not to be quite as immune to market trends as suspected. But they also proved that even when playing catch-up, as opposed to leading an industry, they still have innovation and imagination to spare!

In Short: September 9th 2014 was a bit Tuesday for Apple, with the release of the next numbered iPhone, their first Phablet and their first ever wearable tech

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