Take Incredible Portraits with the iPhone’s New Photo Mode


The iPhone 7 Plus launched in September 2016 and brought with it a whole load of innovation in a new sleek form. Top of the heap was a set of two cameras on the back, designed to take your photography further

Apple teased a new portrait mode at the time was created to make your pictures of people look like professional DSLR snaps. An update in late 2016 brought the feature online and the results seem incredible.  

Check out the video ad for Portrait Mode on the iPhone 7 Plus.

The feature uses the two lenses on the back on the iPhone 7 Plus in a clever way, with each snapping their own photo at the same time. This makes it easier to create a background blur in the image, similar to the high depth of field effect you get on a DSLR with a portrait lens.

It requires plenty of clever processing by Apple to get it right but all that matters is you get a great shot, without having to carry around a huge camera!

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