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The 2017 edition of the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) has just finished up in Las Vegas, USA. This yearly event brings together the biggest manufacturers in the world, as well as gaggles of startups, for a glimpse at the biggest tech of the year, and beyond.

From computers to cars and fridges to far-flying drones, CES has it all and we’ve got a roundup of the biggest trends and most exciting products which you’ll be able to get your hands on soon.

TV Has Been Dieting
The TV race has been highly competitive for years, and 2016 really pushed out accessible 4K models and started to introduce the concept of High Dynamic Range in a wider way.

HDR still has huge buzz, and it’s the biggest change to video quality in years – offering up more detail in light and shadow and a wider colour range. You’re guaranteed to really be able to see the difference in your next upgrade.

But TV’s have also been getting into fighting shape, with manufacturers looking to include all of the latest tech in their slimmest designs yet. LG’s W7 model is so thin that it doesn’t even come with a stand – it has to be mounted directly onto the wall.

It’s designed to look like a painting, and at just over 3.85mm thick the illusion is pretty much complete. Still there’s full HDR and 4K available on the OLED screen, and it’s so slim that you can bend it at the edges!

Fridges Get Smarter
It’s time for everything in your home to get smarter, and fridges are leading the charge. At CES in 2016, Samsung introduced the Family Hub model with an integrated 21.5 inch touchscreen, and there’s more on the way.

A wider range of Family Hub units will be available in 2017, all arriving with the latest version of the software. This will expand on the capabilities including more access to apps and Glympse, which updates you on the location of your brood. You’ll even get voice controls for some features, all designed to make your life that much easier.

LG is also getting in on the action, with the Smart Instaview fridge. They’re powered by Windows 10 and include features like a camera inside, which lets you peek at the contents by simply knocking on the large touchscreen outside.

Smarter Homes
These fridges are just the first step towards building a smarter home, and that’s going to be easier than ever in 2017.

CES was packed with ways to bring a little extra cleverness to where you live, with even more devices responding to your voice than ever before. There are even smart Velux windows which open at a word!

One addition from LG was the Hub Robot – which brings cleverness and cuteness in equal measure. This little fella has an in-built camera and can be set up to recognise you and your family at a glance, while also answering questions and communicating with your other LG products.

And if you’ve ever thought that your humble rubbish bin might be feeling left out, it’s getting an upgrade too this year. One concept opens up when you say a certain command, and it will even tell you when you’re short on space. There’s even one which can scan your items as you bin them, ordering more right away!

Flying Dreams
Drones have been big news at trade shows for years and for 2017 they’re intersecting with another craze – selfies.

Newly lightweight and easy to use drones are designed to launch and fire off awesome self portraits in seconds. That’s definitely a step up from snapping something your phone.

Racing drones are also becoming more popular, and it’s likely to be a very popular televised sport in the not-so-distant future. Mostly because it’s like a crazy scene from Tron. Many come with a headset so you can experience it all from the first person, for a big adrenaline rush.

You’ll be seeing drones becoming smaller and easier to fly this year, while prices should also be dropping. Do remember that Ireland has some specific rules about where and when you can fly, especially for larger models.

Tech Madness
CES is chock full of useful and innovative technology, but it also never disappoints when it comes to off the wall ideas!

One of our favourites this year was the Catspad feeder. It’s a smart connected device for your home which can be programmed to feed your cat for up to a month. It can be loaded up with food and also supplies fresh water, and even has sensors to determine which feline is nearby to give them the right sustenance. We’re one step closer to making cats totally independent from humans!

Then there’s a item called the  Kérastase Hair Coach Powered by Withings. It’s a smart hairbrush which uses a microphone to listen as you do your brushing. That provides it with the information needed to advise you on what you’re doing wrong, and provide tips to ease frizziness or cut out tangles. There’s a connected app too which gives you information on your hair health.

Or consider the Onvi Prophix toothbrush which has an in-built camera to show the inside of your mouth as you brush, which sounds a bit horrifying. You could then snap a picture and send it along to your dentist for some advice.

CES 2017 was a marquee year for new technology which can make your life easier everyday, and these products will be coming to stores over the next year.

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