Curved Screens – What Are They All About?


The technology world moves fast but few segments of the industry have seen as much change in the last few years as the formerly humble television.

Not so many years ago, people were used to large CRT TV’s – lumpen heavy boxes that lurked in the corner of the room. The last decade has seen the proliferation of flat panels, the rise of LCD then LED and the hitherto unheard of invasion of top quality 3D into our homes.

It’s an exciting time to be a home video viewer, as screens (with added audio systems) start to replicate more and more the experience of being enveloped by a cinema screen. And the latest technology wants to take that feeling to the next level with Curved Screen Technology.

Actually (and ironically) we’ve seen curved displays before – CRT TV’s were curved though in a convex fashion whereas the new screens are concave. That means the screen bends outwards away from the viewer in quite a different way from the flat panels of today.

But for the purposes of the modern curved screens it’s another medium that really forms the inspiration – cinema. Most cinema screens are subtly curved, helping to minimise dropoff and distortion from the movie projector enveloping the viewer. And that’s taken to an extreme with the incredible experience of IMAX, where a more pronounced curve truly draws you into the movie.

These inspirations and more form the basis of the appeal of curved TV screens. It’s all about surrounding the viewer with a crystal clear image and making them feel like they’re part of the picture.

There are other benefits too – the subtle curve of the screen means that viewers are a more consistent distance from the image, which is better for focus and viewing angles. And it helps to deliver the best 3D imagery currently available, again benefitting from the massive field of view like in the cinema.

Curved screens also mean more people in the room can be in the sweet spot and view the screen from different angles and you’ll also find that distracting reflections in your TV are much less of a problem.

Curved screens may be a very new kind of technology but they’re set to give viewers a new and fresh way of looking at their TV’s and the best and most immersive experience for people who love big screen entertainment.

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In Short: The new technology of curved TV screens is starting to filter into homes, but what are the benefits of a curved screen over conventional flat viewing

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