Samsung 4K Blu Ray Player: The Entry Into the 4K World You Have Been Waiting For


4K is how films were meant to be seen. Four times the resolution of your hi-def TV with such detail in rich colour it is a joy to behold. The Samsung 4K blu-ray player is the entry into the 4K world you have been looking for.

Picture Quality

4K stands for four thousand, that is how many pixels are in the same space as used to be in your 1080p TV. So you are probably wondering if that means the picture is four times as sharp, and the answer is yes it is. But it’s not just the sharpness but also the array of colours that are on show in this picture and this all comes together to give you the best picture you have ever seen.

Sound Quality

The UBD-K8500 does not just mark the future for video but also the future of audio as Dolby Atmos sound for home gives you an unbelievable viewing experience. If you have the Samsung soundbar you can experience an audio treat like never before.

UHD Content

You can enjoy a variety of 4K films and TV shows already available on 4K Blu-Ray but even more content will be rolled out of the coming year and after that. 4K isn’t the gimmick that 3D was and it will be here for years to come so you can rest assured buying blu-ray that in a few years you will still have something to watch it on.

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