Retro Chic: Audio As a Fashion Statement


Who said your fashion choices have to end with your clothes? Why not give the kitchen a new look? With these line of products from Harvey Norman you can do exactly that.

From Radio’s to vinyl turntables, cd players to DAB radios we have a plenty of stylish retro audio that looks amazing as a fashion accessory.

Roberts Revival Radio

This radio just looks great. In a 1950’s style the this ‘revival’ DAB radio comes in a range of colours each classier than the last. But it doesn’t only look good it also sounds great and has some pretty great features.

For instance it has a 120 hour battery life as well as a 16×2 LCD panel with an amber back-light. It features rotary tuning and volume controls with elegant controls on the top of the box as well as a telescopic aerial.  

Philips Sound System With Turntable

Vinyl is not making a comeback, it is already back. The first week of December this year was the first time ever that Vinyl outsold digital downloads. So that is a pretty emphatic statement saying that it is here to stay. Vinyl is much more than just buying music online, for one you have a physical attachment to the music, secondly it sounds better and third it is an investment as vinyl doesn’t tend to lose it’s value. So if you are in a pinch you could sell some of your collection.

So why not make it this year that you pick up a turntable for the audiophile in your life and there is no better option than the Philips sound system with a turntable.  This beautiful machine was based on the legendary 1965 AG4131 record player and has some pretty cool features.

Like wireless streaming via Bluetooth for instance, or USB direct for mp3 playback or the ability to support MP£-CD, CD and CD-R/RW.

Plus it’s just bloody gorgeous


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