Jamoji- Sound Doesn’t Have to be Serious!


Sometimes you want to be really, really serious about sound. You’ll want the deepest bass, the purest high resolution audio and a rich sound you can get totally enveloped by.

But sometimes you just want to have fun, to chill out and listen to your favourite tracks in a way that’s quick and simple. And the best way to do that is to share the sounds with friends, using a handy bluetooth speaker.

Why not go just a little further and get a speaker with some real personality? That’s where Jamoji comes in!

These little bluetooth speakers pack in plenty of sound and come with rechargeable batteries. They’ll easily sync to your phone or tablet and can be thrown into your bag or even your pocket to add some extra volume to your tunes.

Plus they come with a range of emoji faces – including a classic tongue out smiley, a cool dude wearing sunglasses and one with lovehearts for eyes.

There’s another model which has been dubbed ‘chocolate swirl’ and you can decide for yourselves if that description is right!

These speakers are available right now at Harvey Norman Ireland, helping you get more fun out of your music.

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