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Wireless audio isn’t just for your headphones, it can also the technological marvel which brings high quality sound to your entire home.

Smart Wireless Audio is a system which uses your home Wi-Fi network as a base to create a network of speakers. Not only can they all communicate with each other but they’re can also be controlled remotely with your smartphone or tablet.

A system like this all starts with a single sophisticated speaker like the Sonos PLAY:1 or its larger sibling the PLAY:5. Each of these speakers can set up in seconds over your network and then link directly to your phone.

It’s really easy to set up and provides great audio too.

You can use services like Spotify and Deezer to play our your own high quality tunes, change the volume, set up playlists and a lot more besides. It really comes to life when you get a second speaker, or even more. Then you can select which songs play in individual rooms or even pump the same song to the whole house!

Bose also has a connected system called Soundtouch and the SoundTouch 10 is a great place to start as it’s a small speaker with big sound. It comes with an included remote and also a fully featured app for connecting to your favourite music sources online. Get the special two pack for Christmas and save!  

As these systems use Wi-Fi, they’re capable of streaming high res audio and have a greater range than standard Bluetooth. That’s especially important when you’re setting up an entire home, make sure to have your Wireless router as centrally located as possible.

The Sony Wireless Speaker uses new LDAC tech for higher quality Bluetooth streaming and also supports Google Cast and NFC for effortless pairing. It connects to just about anything, including a second speaker, for the best in wireless sound to fill all the rooms of your house. And you can control it with your phone too.

Smart Wireless Audio is here, get your system in time for Christmas at Harvey Norman.

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