Top 10 College Apps for Staying Organized on your Tablet or iPad

College throws an awful lot at a student, awfully fast. Organisation is absolutely vital if you want to keep up, let alone succeed. Believe it or not your tablet is your best friend in this regard, an excellent tool for organizing your college life. Just remember to keep it charged!

1. Chegg

Chegg works on the principle that rather than pay hundreds of euros for textbooks that you’ll only probably use for six months, why not rent them out for extended periods for only a fraction of the price.

2. Clear

Clear’s colourful, clutter-free interface makes it easier than ever to stay organized. As easy to use as pen and paper, just pull the Clear App screen down to add a new task you need to achieve. Once completed, simply swipe to the right to mark it as complete. It’s that simple.

3. EasyBib

Simply scan the barcode of the book you are referencing and this app will spit out the appropriate credit and citation. Once you’ve scanned every barcode, simply export the citations in to the bibliography management service and the job is virtually done. Bliss!

4. Evernote

Basically your personal secretary, Evernote lets you add handwritten notes or sketches to your notes, share synced files as you see fit, customize you Evernote library with tags and bookmarks and create text notes and task lists and attach them to whichever sub-heading you deem fit.


Mint is a speedy way to catalogue your expenditure into easy to read graphs. Thus you can see where exactly your precious funds are going! You can even set goals and timers to help stretch the cash that bit further. This, no doubt about it, WILL come in handy.

6. WiFi Finder

If you think every student can afford data charges, you’ve been grossly misinformed about the financial status of the average college-goer. Students simply must avail of free WiFi whenever they can. This app presents the nearest Wi-Fi hotspots is an easily readable display.

7. StudyBlue

Make your own study sets and add recommended content offered to you as you create your own customized flashcards. Quiz yourself, track your progress and set reminders to study what you need to know.

8. Duolingo

Whether or not you’re actually studying one, a second (or even third) language will stand to you in the long run. Duolingo awards points for correct answers, teaching with convenient bite sized lessons.

9. iStudiez

iStudiez syncs across all your devices, noting your impending assignments over the next few weeks and how close they stand to completion. Organisation is key in academia and iStudiez can lend a much needed hand.

10. Dublin Bus

Getting the bus is a painful reality for many students across the country, but it’s made that much easier by the convenient Dublin Bus app. This one maps both timetables and estimated arrival times to your phone.

In Short: A list of the top ten apps for tablets and ipads to help college students stay organised in the coming academic year

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