Fujifilm Instax Cameras- Photography Fun!


The instant camera is back in a big way, and it’s more fun than ever! 

Fujifilm is the master of this photo revolution with their Instax line of cameras. They’re small and light and produce instant results that are all about capturing the moment.

The Instax Mini 8 is a great introduction to photography in general. Just turn on, twist the dial until it says the lighting is right and then fire away. This little machine will print the photo right then and there, and even leaves room for you to write a message on the snap!

The Mini 8 comes in five fun colours – White, Pink, Blue, Black, Grape, Berry and Yellow – and is an ideal first camera. It’s also great way to make people think about their photos differently, in an age where it’s so simple to just snap away without ever really looking at the result. You get a real photo at the end!

The creativity doesn’t stop there, because you can do all sorts of things with the photos. Why not turn your snaps into decorations with this handy pack that contains frames and stickers. You can take Christmas photos and put them on the tree! Or get some gorgeously coloured Washi tape to create something truly special.

The size of the Mini 8 photos makes them perfect to stick just about anywhere, like as part of a scrapbook – it would make for a perfect personalised gift. You can also grab a set to turn them into fridge magnets, if you don’t want to attach them to your appliances for eternity!

The Instax range also includes the Mini 70 that’s all about taking your selfies to the next level and the Mini 90 which adds advanced flash features and a macro mode. And don’t forget to stock up on film! 

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