Artificial Intelligence Helps With Christmas Shopping


Christmas shopping can be a joyous thing, giving us the chance to give great gifts to our friends and loved ones. There’s a special thrill you get from watching someone unwrap a present that you know is just perfect.

But the fact remains that some people are definitely harder to shop for than others. There’s one (or more!) in every family, and if you can’t think of any – it’s probably you!

The good news is that there’s technology on the way which might be able to help – in the form of Smart Gifting.

A California-based company called ebo box is using Deep Learning Artificial Intelligence and survey data from 21 million people to create connections between personality types, ages, genders and more and the gifts they are most interested in.

You’ll be able to sign up to the service and fill in some details on the person who you’re trying to find a gift for. Then the complex software seeks out connections, looks for correlations and suggests something perfect.

It sounds like a great idea, and really helpful for when you’re totally stuck on a gift for someone you care about.

In the meantime, Harvey Norman is here to help with a dedicated gift guide broken down into loads of different categories, including For Him, For Her and Stocking Fillers.

Get everything you need for Christmas in-store or online now.

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