Sony Party Machine – All About the Bass!


It’s getting into that most festive of seasons and that can mean only one thing – plenty of parties!

It’s a safe bet that you’re going to be having people over to your place over the next few weeks and those people will want certain things. Food, a tipple or two and music.

There are a whole load of solutions for bringing the tunes to your guests but if you want to go all out there’s nothing better than the Sony GTK-XB7 speaker. That’s because it’s basically a party in a box!

Not only does it connect really easily to every audio source you can imagine, including Bluetooth, NFC and cable but it also comes with an actual button marked EXTRA BASS.

But wait, there’s more. Each machine comes with a range of built-in LEDs which can be controlled manually or move and blink and strobe in time to the music. It’s the ultimate way to entrance all comers, and really get the party started.

A smart sensor activates a set of tweeters so you can use it perfectly either horizontally or vertically and it’s all designed to be easy to move when you want to bring music to another room.

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