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Where Digital Photography was once revolutionary, it’s now downright ubiquitous. So many of us are walking around with smartphones in our pockets, and each of those packs a multi-megapixel lens to the device’s rear. The mighty Sony Xperia Z2 has a thumping great 20+MP rear mounted camera, but anything with a megapixel range above say 2MP is capable of some pretty impressive photography.

The sad thing is, however good our snaps are, they never really go anywhere. For most of us they merely take up space on our SD cards. At most they’ll get pushed to a Facebook album and soon forgotten. And this is a shame because why take a photo if not to recall the moment fondly?

There are a number or reasons why the good old fashioned picture frame needs to make a comeback. And we don’t mean the digital photo frame which cycles the contents of your SD card add nauseam, we mean an elegant wood or metal frame for a single print!

Hear us out – with Instagram and its many filters, not to mention the scores of other after effects and photo editing software available, you could take a stunning portrait in black and white or sepia, plonk it in this vintage style photo frame and hang it in a place of prominence in your home.

Similarly, you could download your favourite profile pics of your best friends or closest family members and fill this 12 place photo frame with smiles and laughter. Bound to brighten up any living or dining room.

At the very least, photo frames full of smiling faces have got to be better than the countless hangings of boats and lighthouses which seem to come as standard in Irish apartments. Such a huge proportion of the population rent these days, and invariably there will be some questionable artwork on the walls. Simply store this, and use the hanging fixtures to throw up a few picture frames. It needn’t necessarily be of people either. Why not fill them with your own photographs of landmarks from your travels and landscapes from your adventures. Seriously, even a twilight snap of the Shellybanks can look staggeringly beautiful!

Ultimately, here at Harvey Norman, we’re all for getting your photos off your phone and onto something special. It doesn’t need to be a picture frame. Indeed, our Photo Centre specialises in printing your favourite photos onto various items.A close-up of your newborn on a t-shirt – No problem!A snap of that special someone on your iPhone case – Sure thing!And our personal favourite, a photo of your slobbery doggy on your favourite mug – You got it!

The world domination of Digital Photography is a very good thing. But let’s not forget what makes taking photos so special – shop our edit of photo frames here or call in store for more assistance!

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In Short: The act of hanging a framed photo up in your home is a long forgotten tradition, but Harvey Norman’s Photo Centre should soon rectify that

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