Story to Sound- An Interview with Graham from Spin 103.8


Harvey Norman has everything you need in Wireless Audio this Christmas, from headphones without the cords to big bass from bluetooth speakers.

The Sound Redefined range is kicking off in a big way, and we’ve teamed up with the folks at Spin 103.8 to bring you the best deals throughout December.

Right now, it’s time to catch up with another Spin DJ- Graham O’Toole. He’s part of the Zoo Crew twosome with Nathan O’Reilly. Here’s Graham’s Story to Sound.


What is the first album you ever bought?
The first Album I ever bought was by producer/rapper extraordinaire Timbaland with Shock Value. Every single was a cracker, and there was many a teenage disco where my spotty young self tried to look cool rapping along to ‘The Way I Are’

What’s your most played song right now on iTunes/Spotify?
My most played song right now is Lapsley’s Operator, the DJ Koze’s disco version. Lapsley has such a soulful voice and I fell in love with her when I saw her perform at Glastonbury this year. The disco version just gives it that extra little spice.

What’s your most played song right now on iTunes/Spotify?
I’m really liking Bruno Mars 24carat Magic. The main is the essence of cool and we share the same swag…kind of. Not enjoying Campsite Dreams remix of No Diggity…LEAVE THE CLASSICS ALONE.

What do you think is the best way to listen to music, at home, on the radio, live etc and why?
Radio, primarily between 6.45pm and 8.45pm on Spin 1038.

Wireless audio gives you the freedom to dance, what’s your go to dance move?
I’ve been prone to whip out a few things at parties, most notably the robot. Every since I saw a video of Peter Crouch doing it online, it’s been a favourite dance move of mine.

Wireless headphones are great for the gym or running, do you listen to music while you exercise? If so do you have a go-to motivational song/playlist and what’s on it?
Anything by Ricky Martin will usually give me the edge to get that last rep. As the main man once said ‘Upside inside out, we’re living the vida loca”

What headphones do you use and why do you like them?
I use the Sennheiser HD 25 headphones. They’re light and easily portable meaning it’s perfect for using at DJ gigs.

What speakers do have at home and why do you like them?
I have Bluetooth Bose speakers at home, great bass and perfect for house parties as multiple people can connect their phones via bluetooth.

What’s your favourite audio product from Harvey Norman Audio range?
My favourite product from The Harvey Norman Audio Range would be the Roberts Internet Radio, Stream 93i. On the surface it looks like a slick product and for a radio person like myself, having FM/DAB and internet radio on one product is outstanding. The way you can also control it by your smartphone is a game changer.


What was your first ever job in the radio industry and how did you get it?
The first job I got in radio was trying to find stories in the newspaper to go out on air on my first station Westport FM. I think the story I found was about George Michael buying a new house.

What makes a presenter stand out in the industry today?
To stand out you have to see things differently. Look at what’s happening in the world and study it to figure out a way you can present it on air in a way that’s unique to you. That’s how you stand out.

What advice would you give to people trying to get into radio presenting or production?
There’s no substitution for hard work and you’ve got to keep knocking on the door till it falls down. When I was trying to get into the business, I was turned away from several community radio stations so persistence is essential.

spin1038_lightTune in to Spin 103.8 in December for amazing audio giveaways and competitions from Harvey Norman on Fully Charged and Zoo Crew.

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