Virtual Reality Helps Parents Meet Their Unborn Child!


Virtual Reality technology continues to grow, and it’s going to shape the way we interact with the world for years to come.

One new application of the technology is allowing expectant parents to a tantalising chance to meet their unborn babies!

Using ultrasound scans and MRI imaging, a three-dimensional model of the baby is built using complex computer graphics. Then the model can be imported into software which can be used with a Virtual Reality headset.

That means parents can get up close and personal with the new addition to their family, long before they get to meet in person. The imagery is clear and the scientists say that even the facial features very closely match those of the real child!

Of course there are further uses of this technology, allowing doctors a better look at the developing child so they can keep an eye out for issues with the heart or lungs. That beats a regular old ultrasound!

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