Story to Sound – An Interview with Cormac from Spin 103.8


This year, Harvey Norman is celebrating the Freedom of Wireless and we’re catching up with the top DJs at Spin 103.8 to find out their Story to Sound!

Up next is Cormac Moore who presents the Fully Charged breakfast show every morning with Daniella Moyles. He’s also a rising star on the Irish comedy scene, and is touring with his own show right now!

Read on to find out Cormac’s Story to Sound.  


What is the first album you ever bought?
Oasis. What’s The Story Morning Glory.

What’s your most played song right now on iTunes/Spotify?
Borns. Electric Love.

Name your favourite and least favourite song in the charts right now?
Favourite – Kings of Leon, Waste a Moment. Least – Calvin Harris. My Way.

What do you think is the best way to listen to music, at home, on the radio, live etc and why?
On the radio obviously, because you don’t have to worry about finding new, good music or have to spend ages trying to put together a playlist only for you to lose signal and your songs to start stopping.

Wireless audio gives you the freedom to dance, what’s your go to dance move?
The auld, lean on the nearest table with a pint in hand.

Wireless headphones are great for the gym or running, do you listen to music while you exercise? Do you have a go-to motivational song/playlist and what’s on it?
There’s a beast mode playlist that’s always on in the gym I go too.

What headphones do you use and why do you like them?
I use a pair of Sennheiser HD 280 Pro. They’re over ear which is a must, very well balanced and have fantastic noise cancelling. You can appreciate music more with a decent set of headphones.

What speakers do have at home and why do you like them?
Just my laptop ones!

What’s your favourite audio product from Harvey Norman Audio range?
Has to be the Sony 5.1ch Home cinema.


What was your first ever job in the radio industry and how did you get it?
My first job was doing a weekly phone in slot on a late night talk show. It wasn’t paid so not really a job, but loved doing it. I got it when the presenters came across an article I wrote online and thought it would be a good fit to talk about on their show.

What makes a presenter stand out in the industry today?
Being sound, honest and not being a d*ck.

What advice would you give to people trying to get into radio presenting or production?
Start producing radio segments or features on your own. Use a phone to record if you have to and learn how to edit and produce audio. Figure out what  style of radio you want to do  – be it talk show, music DJ etc – get a demo together, get it online and keep sending it into stations and shows in the industry.

Tune in to Spin 103.8 in December for amazing audio giveaways and competitions from Harvey Norman on Fully Charged and Zoo Crew.

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