Garmin vivofit – The Activity Tracker With Real Stamina


Activity trackers are all the rage in 2014, giving people more and more reasons to make fitness a part of their everyday lives. And in this crowded market, the vívofit from Garmin has one truly standout feature – stamina.

Smartwatches and activity trackers are great little devices but they have one big drawback – they have to be frequently recharged or you risk missing out on logging your latest running triumph. Garmin has the solution with a device that is energy efficient, simple to use and – get this – can last for over a year on a single watch battery!

It’s a simple solution but obvious solution to the issues of constant charging and one that has other benefits, including helping to give the vívofit a full sealed body that’s water-resistant up to 50m. Which means it’s impervious to rain and can even be worn in the shower.

Garmin has a long history of sturdy and dependable products and the vívofit is not different. You slip the tracker into a durable wrist strap (available in an array of colours) and get on with your life. The vívofit tracks your steps all day and can display steps, calories and distance.

And all of this info syncs with the Garmin Connect software to give you a wealth of information on your fitness progress. Take a glance at whether you’re hitting your goals or dive into the stats to see where you can improve. And Garmin Connect also lets you interact with other users to see how you rank.

One of our favourite features of the Garmin vívofit is the ‘Time to Move’ bar. This simple feature takes aim at our sedentary lifestyles by filling a red bar on screen after we’ve been sitting around for an hour. The bar just keeps on filling, drawing your attention to the fact that you need to get up and move around to keep your metabolism going.

With a battery that really lasts, water-proofing and a host of accessible ways of tracking your fitness, the Garmin vívofit is the perfect accessory to help you move towards your fitness goals.

To shop for the Garmin vívofit, click here.

In Short: Activity trackers are great devices but Garmin has a new trick with the vivofit, a tracker with a battery that lasts over a year!

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