The first Drone Pizza Delivery happened in New Zealand!


The future is here, and it is Drone Delivered Pizza!

This is really the technological revolution we’ve been waiting for, and it happened in New Zealand first. Dominos worked with a drone company called Flirtey to make it all happen.

The customers ordered their two pizza – those all important toppings were Peri-Peri Chicken and Chicken and Cranberry (gross!) online and it was cooked up super quick by the chain near Auckland.

Then the goodies were loaded up into a special box which was attached to the underside of the drone. The vehicle flew off on a course guided by GPS and arrived at the destination in no time.

Delivery was handled via a mat in the back garden which the sensors on the drone can see to guide it in. Using a winch, the box was deposited and these customers got to be the first in the world to receive a pizza delivery by drone!

It’s pretty amazing stuff, and it was Dominos Australia who had the first ever pizza delivered by a robot earlier this year!

This is the future but it’s not something we’re likely to see in Ireland soon, as there are restrictions on larger drones in our skies.

But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get on board the drone revolution, with plenty of entry level and more sophisticated models at Harvey Norman now.


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