Instagram Adding More to Stories


Instagram introduced Stories a few months back, they’re videos which expire after a certain amount of time which you can add to throughout the day.

Yes they’re a bit similar to Snapchat…

Now the feature is getting some new tools and extras which let you bring your own personality to Stories. That includes the ability to type the @ symbol and tag other users right your Story. If it’s of a medium size, the tag will also create a link right to their profile, and they’ll get a notification about the tag.


Another new addition is bringing in Boomerang. This was previously an app that let you create looping videos in Instagram but now it’s even simpler. Just go to create a Story and tap Boomerang and you’ll be able to make a loop, and you don’t even need to have the app installed!

The service also has a new way to handle links. Previously the only way you could link out of Instagram was in the bio, which meant clicking on another screen. Now links will work straight from a Story, though at the moment you need to be super cool and have a verified account for them to work. Hopefully that will change in the future.

The updated Instagram app is available on iOS and Android in Ireland now, so go get tagging your friends in Stories and Boomeranging the heck out of everything!

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