Check out the New Emoji for 2017!


Another new set of emoji is on the way, with the list for 2017 now being finalised.

The actual images themselves won’t be officially ready until the release of Unicode 10.0 which will be arriving by the middle of 2017.

At the moment the Unicode Emoji Subcommittee is looking to whittle down the list. They’re an organisation which is responsible for figuring out which emoji should be implemented next and helping to create the code necessary to bring them to users around the world. The folks in charge are co-chairs Mark Davis (Google) and Peter Edberg (Apple).


A shortlist of 51 emoji for 2017 has been made, including mythical creatures, dinosaurs, pie, a woman in a hijab, a fellow with a big beard and food items like broccoli and a coconut.

The list is far from finalised and right now the images are just placeholders too. We won’t know exactly what they’re going to look like for a few months yet, while we’ll also get to learn exactly which emoji will be added.


It’s great to see the images continuing to be so diverse, though we’re not sure anyone will ever have the need for a brocolli emoji!

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