Apple Creating Augmented Reality Map App


Apple has just been granted yet another new patent, and this could change the mapping game.

The technology will allow for the creation of an Augmented Reality mapping app. Basically that would mean pointing your phone’s camera at the world, with Apple’s servers bringing a live video feed to the screen.

You’ll be able to see overlays for directions to nearby places and also things like menus for nearby restaurants, shop opening times and a whole lot more just by letting your phone get a glimpse of the world around you.

Augmented Reality differs from Virtual Reality in the way you might expect – it adds information to your existing view of real life rather than creating an entirely new image for you to become immersed in.

AR is a great way to present mapping directions, as you’ll be able to see exactly where you’re supposed to be going on a real view of your surroundings, rather than relying on arrows from a stylised godlike view.

AR tech has been used before in a number of different products but has yet to really capture mainstream attention. Devices like Google Glass and Microsoft’s HoloLens tried to change that story but it might take a giant like Apple, and an improvement in usability, for it to really become a viable solution.

Expect to hear plenty more about Augmented Reality in the coming months and years, and it might just be coming to your iPhone soon!

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