Windows Threshold Trial Coming This Autumn


A limited preview of the new Microsoft Operating System will be open to selected previewers as of late September/early October.

This comes from unnamed sources of the usually very reliable ZDNet. They confirm an opt-in preview of Windows Threshold (widely believed to be the next numbered iteration of Windows i.e. 9) will require users to accept monthly updates in the name of serviceability.

Windows Threshold is believed to represent a long rumoured amalgamation of Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone 8. To this end, and in a bid to cater for keyboard, mouse or touch users, there will be three distinct, if customizable formats – Desktop, Smartphone and (wisely) Tablet.

Features expected to pop up in the autumn Windows Threshold trial include a miniature start menu, windowed metro apps, virtual desktops and, arguably most enticingly, Cortana. In addition, it is believed that the ‘charm bar’ has finally been killed off.

In Short: Rumours indicate that a trial version of the new Windows Operating System, Threshold, will be available at the end of September or start of October

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