Tablets and Baked Beans – the perils of buying technology in a Supermarket


Perhaps unsurprisingly, your local supermarket is a great place to get your hands on cheap DVDs, Games, Phones, Blu-Rays and Tablets. In fact, a simple trip to a bargain store like Lidl and Aldi for daily essentials could conceivably see you stroll back home with eggs, milk, bread and a tent! And while their selection of tablets isn’t exactly comprehensive, there is seriously no arguing with those prices.

Supermarkets usually front load their tablet sections with high margin products i.e. they buy in bulk from a manufacturer for a reduced price. Thus, these tablets can be sold cheaply, making them the ideal impulse buy at the end of a shopping spree.

Sure, the average consumer may not consider A TABLET COMPUTER to be an impulse purchase in any way, shape or form. But when you’ve resigned yourself to dropping a couple of hundred on a Tesco shop and see a chance save 30% on that tablet you’ve always been kind of interested in but never had the courage to buy, you’re more likely to take the plunge!

And there is nothing wrong with this.Savvy consumers should shop around for the best deals. And yes, in some cases, your local supermarket will boast the lowest RRP for tablets.However, there is much to be said for specialised services which offer advice, assistance and guarantees on your purchase.

Specialised Staff

One area where Harvey Norman trumps supermarkets hand over fist is staff. Our staff are highly trained technology experts who live and breathe consumer technology. Regardless of what questions you may have, Harvey Norman’s staff will be able to assist you and explain everything in great detail. Harvey Norman understands that customers have their own unique circumstances and requirements and will be able to help them find the perfect product that suits their needs.


Harvey Norman offer demo models with almost all their products. Customers are able to walk in off the streets and play with a tablet, see how it feels in their hands, how it responds to their touch. Additionally, if there is no obvious display model, our specialist staff will gladly unbox a retail model to give you a guided demonstration. This way you can make an informed decision before you purchase. Unfortunately, more often than not, in larger supermarket chains, your prospective tablet is encased in security plastic which cannot be removed until a purchase has been made.

Customer Support

This problem is often overlooked. It’s understandable, we’re eager to get our shiny new tablet home for fun and we neglect to consider what happens if there’s a problem. At Harvey Norman we offer Product Care! Product Care covers all parts, labour and call out fees for an unlimited number of repairs. If you experience a fault, or are simply confused with the initial setup, our support staff offer immediate assistance over the phone. Finally, Product Care covers customers for Accidental Damage and more. These kinds of guarantees can only be offered by a specialised retailer and you’re unlikely to find a comparable service in Lidl, Aldi or Tesco.

Range of Products

Finally, and most obviously, the calibre of tablets on offer in your local supermarket is unlikely Triple A. Manufacturers rarely discount their premier stock as they realise customers will pay top dollar for it. As such, lesser quality devices are regularly pushed to supermarkets, giving them easier access to a consumer base. And while this is perfectly fine, and may suit some consumers, there are just as many willing to pay for both a quality service AND product. Harvey Norman caters to both!

According to Apple CEOTim Cook, many cheaper tablets are being sold everywhere, but the data says a vast majority of them don’t seem to get much use, or any use. That’s a warning sign for any buyer. Where are they? “Maybe they’re in someone’s bottom drawer” he said recently. Another good reason to be wary, a cheap tablet can seem attractive, but the reality is it may end up in the bottom drawer with a flat battery not getting used – because it didn’t do what you thought it would do.

So while your local Tesco may offer low-end tablets at a very attractive price, there’s no replacement for the quality of triple A offerings from manufacturers like Apple. And there’s simply no comparison to the level of cusomter service offered by aspecialised stores like Harvey Norman, with trained staff ready to deal with your every question or query. So pop into your local Harvey Norman today to chat about the tablet you’re going to be using tomorrow and for years to come!

In Short: While it can be enticing, purchasing a cheap tablet at your local supermarket, there is much to be said for buying from a specialised retailer

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