Apple Reveals Stunning New MacBook Pro


Apple had a major event last night, and the big star of the show was the new MacBook Pro.

It has been several years since the company has refreshed this powerhouse range, and they’re going all out. The new MacBooks will come in 13 inch and 15 inch varieties and will be the thinnest and lightest yet. The smaller model is just 14.9mm while the larger is 15.5mm.

You’ll also find a brighter and more colourful display, that’s perfect for whatever you’re working on. And all of your software will run like a dream thanks to the faster graphics and processing built in.

But the standout moment came when Apple showed off the Touch Bar for the very first time, and this is a bit of a revolution.

The Touch Bar is an OLED panel at the top of the keyboard. It’s features a high resolution and is touch sensitive- that means it the functions can change depending on what you’re doing.

So if you’re watching a video it could become simple playback controls. While typing emoji pop up there and specific programs have dedicated controls. You can even set up your own personalised shortcuts which always display.

What’s more, the Touch Bar has its own integrated Touch ID fingerprint scanner so you can lock your system with ease and make totally secure payments online!

The speakers are louder and more detailed than before and there’s more real estate for the keyboard and an expanded trackpad, which is great for productivity. The new MacBook can even power two 5K displays at once, thanks to the impressive tech crammed inside.

The new MacBook Pro is on sale in Ireland soon.

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