Microsoft Shows off New Surface Studio


Microsoft had a major event yesterday, showing off a large range of new products which will be released very soon. Here’s a rundown of the biggest and best.

It has to start with the Surface Studio. It may remind you of the tablet/laptop hybrid but this is an entirely new product line for Microsoft, and it’s a gorgeous looking piece of technology.

The Studio is an extremely thin desktop computer with a huge 28 inch screen which features a resolution of more than 4k. In built graphics are top of the line and there’s an i7 processor on board too, as well as up to 32 gigs of RAM and 2 terabytes of storage.

This is a high performance beast, and it’s been designed with creatives in mind in everything from the touch panel to the zero gravity hinge which makes finding the perfect angle a breeze. It also has full stylus support and can be used with the new Surface Dial, which is unique accessory.

The Dial looks a little like a taller ice hockey puck and is used for making deft selections in menus with a twist of the control knob. But this impressive device can also be placed directly onto the screen for contextual actions. Like changing the colour of your pointer as you use it. The idea is really slick, and we’re looking forward to seeing what Microsoft, and other developers, do with it.

Microsoft also showed off an updated version of their Surface Book. The design and battery had already been well received and now there’s more power on board and enough juice to last for a massive 16 hours on a single charge.

There’s also an updated version of the Paint app which lets you create objects in 3D and a VR headset on the way, as well as a suite of stuff for Creators. In early 2017, Windows 10  get this content which includes ways to create and share 3D objects and easier live streaming for gamers.

It’s an exciting time for Microsoft with the buzz around the Surface Studio already mounting. We’re expecting the device to go on sale before the end of 2016, stay tuned to Harvey Norman for more.

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