There’s a New GoPro Camera on the Way – Check Out the Rumoured Specs Here!


American company GoPro has revolutionised the camcorder market since it sold its first camera in 2004. 10 years on, and they’ve delivered on their goal of providing accessible high quality video to enthusiastic sorts everywhere.

These cameras are small, light and hardy and focus on providing high definition video and superfast photographs for those who want to capture their lives in the best way possible. A range of mounts mean you can attach a GoPro to almost anything – like your helmet, car, surfboard and more – and the cameras are capable of shooting up to 60 meters underwater.

The GoPro HERO3+ launched in 2013, delivering video up to 1440p at 48frames and 720p at 120 frames per second for silky smooth slow motion. And you can also shoot 12 megapixel stills at a rate of 30 a second. Which is impressive no matter what you’re using your camcorder for!

Can they possibly improve on these specs for the next generation of GoPro? Of course they can!

Rumours are starting to filter out about the GoPro 4, suggesting that it will be capable of recording at 4k resolution (4096 x 2160) at 30 frames per second. That’s thanks to a new processor inside that’s significantly faster than that in the GoPro HERO3+, helping the unit to achieve incredible performance.

The GoPro 4 is also likely to offer you the chance to record in 720p at a staggering 240 frames per second, making movie like slow motion a reality for a regular user. The stills camera is said to have been increased to 13 megapixels and a new lens will lead to vastly improved low light performance.

These specs are currently rumours with no official word from the company yet but with a suggested release date of March 2015, expect more news very soon!

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In Short: GoPro produces the best action cameras known to man and they’re about to create a new classic with the release of the Hero 4

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