Get Airport Wi-Fi Around the World with this Handy Site


Wi-Fi is an absolute must when you’re travelling, especially as a way to avoid the high data charges you can get when roaming.

There’s nothing better than relaxing at the airport on your way somewhere for business or pleasure, safe in the knowledge that you can get fast, reliable access to the internet without worrying about those extra costs.

Sometimes it can be a bit difficult to figure out exactly how to connect to those wireless networks, and that’s where this site comes in very handy indeed.

A fellow called Anil Polat does a lot of travelling and obviously knows the value of Wi-Fi, so he’s put together a very interesting project- compiling the details of those wireless networks for airports around the world.

He’s even got an interactive map which lets you zoom into any location to find out if there’s local info. There you’ll be able to find out not only how to access the network but even the areas in the airport where the signal is best.

That’s a pretty amazing resource, and over on the official site you can even submit your own details to help fellow travellers.


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