Microsoft Office Brings Productivity to All of Your Devices


For years, Microsoft Office was considered part of the old guard – a reliable way to process words and tabulate numbers but decidedly fixed to its PC heritage. Well not anymore.

As of 2014, MS Office is available in some form on Windows Phone devices, Android, the MS Surface, laptops and Mac OS. And the application also recently launched on Apple’s iPad, bringing a new world of productivity to your favourite touch screen.

On iPad, you get Word, PowerPoint and Excel. This generous package gives you the tools you need for note taking and essay writing as well as putting together a timetable for all of your activities or a budget for heading to college for the first time! And if you need to put a slick presentation together for class, PowerPoint has you covered.

What’s more, every version of Microsoft Office has been specifically designed for each platform, with some favouring touch controls and social sharing while desktop and Mac versions are more focused on performance and power. One thing is certain, with this software, you’re getting the best productivity suite around – on any platform.

One important thing to note is that, while you can buy MS Office as a standalone product, it’s far cheaper to buy it in a bundle when you’re picking up your new Surface tablet, iPad or laptop.

For more information, head to your nearest Harvey Norman store.

In Short: With Microsoft Office you get everything you’ll need for school, work or college in one handy package on all of your devices

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