People Would Rather Have Good Wi Fi in Their Hotel Than Tea Breakfast or Hot Water!


What are your priorities in a hotel stay? According to a recent survey, its data that people really crave.

And by that I mean Wi-Fi. A recent survey by Bitbuzz – which provides wireless networks to places like hotels and airports – says that 70 percent of Irish people would do without a kettle in their room in favour of a decent Wi-Fi signal. And 20 percent would rather have no breakfast than no internet!

Those are some definitive answers, confirming just how important our online lives have become. Most people use Wi-Fi hotels for social media and they just couldn’t deal with the possibility of not having access.

Bitbuzz says this change has also been accompanied by a lessening of interest in standard hotel room televisions. More and more people are bringing their laptops and streaming their favourite movies and TV shows than ever before, with the TV a serious afterthought.

The company brings fast internet connections to public places and the survey delves into how satisfied guests are with their data service. More than 30 percent said that they thought the Wi-Fi was slow, something we’ve all experienced at some time while trying to connect.

Most alarmingly of all, a full 5 percent of respondents said that they would happily forgo a hot shower in favour of the chance to watch Netflix and update their Facebook status. That’s a bit much in our opinion!

In Short: A recent survey shows just what people’s priorities are when they’re going to a hotel. And you might be surprised what they want most!

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