Samsung Offers 10 Year Screen Burn Warranty


Screen burn is a fact of life for certain screens and monitors. Typically this can happen when the same graphic is displayed for a long period of time in the same area of the screen without moving.

Potential culprits include sports stations with constant logos, news programmes with a ticker at the bottom or HUD elements from video games. After an extended session you might find that some element of the graphic remains ‘burned-in’ to the screen, and there’s nothing you can really do.

With the latest Samsung TV’s and their advanced Quantum dot technology, screen burn is a thing of the past- and the company is so confident in that claim they’re providing a full 10 year warranty for this kind of damage.

Quantum dot tech manages to create images which are higher than the current state of the art of Ultra High Definition, while also providing up 64 times more colour data in the image. These screens are clear and bright and deliver the latest High Dynamic Range technology for true to life visuals.

And despite all of this bleeding edge tech, Samsung guarantees that their latest range of screens won’t suffer from screen burn for 10 years, covered by a full guarantee.

This offer is available on new Samsung SUHD Quantum Dot TVs sold at Harvey Norman Ireland until the end of March 2017. For more information see the official site here. 

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