LG launches breath-taking 105-inch 4K TV


LG is pushing the boundaries with its newly released 105-inch 4K TV, which costs 120 million won, or about $117,000.

LG is actually referring to the display as 5K because of the expanded number of pixels horizontally. The display has an incredibly impressive 5,120 x 2,160 resolution and a whopping 11 million pixels, which is five times more than on a Full HD TV.

Why would you want a 105-inch TV in your home? Well, LG is targeting those who want to bring the cinema experience into their living room. The LG 105UC9 TV features a curved 21:9 5K CinemaScope screen and a 7.2 channel speaker system.

Of course, not everything is displayed in 21:9, so when viewing programs in 16:9 format, the unused screen space on the sides can display additional information or programming details.

LG is starting to ship this mammoth display in Korea, but it will be rolled out in other markets later this year. This might be something to put on the Christmas list.

In Short: LG has started shipping its 105-inch 4K TV, which costs $117,000 or 120 million won. It will be released later this year outside Korea.

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